Benefits Of Reading Christian Books


Christian books play a huge role in personal and spiritual growth. Apart from these two key aspects there still are a lot of advantages of reading Christian books.

Building close relationship with God


The main reason why most people choose to read books is to know God. As Christian, we all know that each one of us will meet God someday and that he reveals himself to us in different ways but only if we continually read and pray. Additionally, we can also greatly benefit from what others have learned, and this can be achieved by reading Christian books.

Sometimes reading theological works can be intimidating but people can always be served at different levels. Regardless of your level of understanding, there will always be a book that will serve your need. If you do not read Christian books, then you deny yourself a chance to learn more about God, especially how he acts in this world.

Reading makes you grow

Reading Christian books is a means in which we both maintain and initiate personal growth. Reading not only enables us to know the word of God better but we also grow our ability to honor and respect him in different areas of our lives. In fact, you can identify the area of weakness and identify books that will help you strengthen your weakness.

The same case applies if you are struggling with decision making, parenting or in times when you have a low view of God. There are different ways in which God can shape us and make us grow, but you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of personal Bible study and value of sermons. Still, reading Christian books is a great way for the Lord to grace us.

Makes us leaders


Everyone is called to lead in different areas of their lives whether its leadership in the church at home or the workplace. It’s no doubt that good readers are great leaders and there is evidence to show that great men in history were also avid readers. For you to be a great leader, you should act a lead in a Christian manner.

The good thing about being a Christian leader is that you will lead accordingly, think like someone who has been formed by it and you’ll also learn the truth and apply it. Reading will also play a huge part in determining how and where you lead. Bottom line, through reading Christian books you won’t lead opposite to your convictions.…