Tips For Hiring An Air Duct Cleaning Service

Air duct cleaning involves the cleaning of the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system in one’s home. It is important to ensure that one’s indoor air is free from pollution threat and contaminants which can become harmful with time. When it comes to looking for an air duct cleaning service, it is essential that one does the task carefully to avoid being scammed by unscrupulous companies posing to do such a service and look for genuine reputable services. Below are some time tips to choosing a duct cleaning service.

Hiring An Air Duct Cleaning Service

Establish the need for the service


It is essential to determine if one requires to schedule a cleaning for their air duct. Experts recommend that cleaning is done every three to five years. However no specific time lines are given to aid in this. But it is advisable to observe and have a look out if there is need to clean out contaminants that may have built up and can be harmful to the health of the people in the environment. This can be dust mites, tobacco smoke, household molds, airborne allergens, bacteria, chemicals, carbon monoxide, a vermin infestation and dust and debris build up in the system.

Look at the experience

Not many states are keen on having air duct service companies licensed. Hence it becomes difficult for a client to genuinely vet and verify a company based on this criteria. This is where knowing how long a service has been in operation will help you choose a reliable and reputable company. A company that has experience is a guarantee that the job will be well done and they have the expertise and skill that is needed.

Check on reputation

Another tip to getting a reliable air duct cleaning company is to check on the reputation of the company. A good company will be able to provide the reference of existing and past clients. Positive reviews mean happy and satisfied clients. Duct cleaning is a service that needs to be done with professionalism and care. Thus a potential client needs the assurance that the service will be done to standard. References provide such a guarantee.

Cost of the service

iiiuuyyyyyytttFinally, consider what the cost of the cleaning is. Shop around and know what the average price is for such a service. This will depend on various factors, for instance, the size of the home. It could range between $400 to $1000. It is said the average home could cost around $500. Knowing the cost will allow one to know what to expect and not get huge bills.